Member Profiles

Danny McKavanagh

Danny’s interest in Clann Eireann affairs can be gauged from the fact that he sold up his house and shifted his nearest and dearest to live beside the Hall. No one else, not counting Gerry Fagan or Pat McMahon, who are peculiar anyway, has taken such a drastic step. Read More

Ambrose Lavery

To no one, more than to Ambrose, is due the present status of Clann Eireann. For exactly 50 years, as player, as official, as consultant, as general provider, as “boss”, he has given the club a devotion and a service that has never been – and probably never will be – surpassed. Read More

Alf Murray

It would be superfluous to list Alf’s prowess on the football field, his limitless enthusiasm for committees, his efforts for the language, because since he became President so many Sports writers and commentators have already done so. Read More

Gerry Fagan

Clann Eireann has won only two Armagh Senior Championships in Football. Shame on them! On the two occasions that they did win, in 1954 and 1963, the team was captained by the same player, none other than Gerry Fagan (Sen) or “Gerald the Leader” as he is called in that mocking “History of the Clann.” Read More

Sean Lenehan

Born outside Tandragee, he was baptised Terence John but at home and around the Club he is known as Sean ( a cunning old Irish tradition or what ). He arrived on the Shore Road in 1956 and immediately fell under the spell of Alf in Tannaghmore and then discovered “The Hall” at the top of the road, with its new – second to none – facilities. Read More

Frank Toman

Ranking high amongst Clann Eireann’s “All-Time Greats” must be Frank Toman. When his name is mentioned, someone is sure to say – “He was a great kicker of a dead ball” – but Frank had many more accomplishments that that. Read More