Touching tribute to Gary Murphy


Often known as ‘Murph’; sometimes as ‘Peter pan’;
He touched so many lives; forget him we never can.
His cheeky grin, raised eyebrow, and gleaming smile;
Whilst sporting those Clark Kent glasses, and his eccentric weekend style.
‘Welcome to the weekend’ was always his Friday call;
And if u spent your weekend with Murph, you were guaranteed a ball.

A true Gael, and an Eireann man through and through;
Part of a team he loved to remember – the team of 2002.
A tough full back he was, a man who always wanted the best;
A victorious St Michael’s stalwart, that stopped short of nothing less.
As he moved into the management circle, he connected with all the ages;
His love for life, quick wit and banter, to all was truly contagious.

Family, friends and living life, meant everything to him, right to the core;
That’s why loosing Murph, for many will be so sore.
It’s amazing that now he’s gone, you actually realise how much of a legend he was;
Everything he was involved in, he brought to it such a buzz.
Taken from us so early, when you had so much more to give;
But within us all young Murph, your legacy will live.

RIP Murph

from his teammate, Conor Bell

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