To All Club lotto players

To All Club lotto players

Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 we have had to suspend all Club activities as many of you are already aware including closure of our Social Club.  As a large proportion of our members take part in our weekly draw through the Social Club the committee have taken a decision to suspend the draw with immediate effect until further notice.  If you play on-line you will already have an email explaining your situation.  If you pay Direct Debit we can arrange a refund once we resume in the near future at which time we can accurately calculate the number of draws you missed. 

We hope you understand the position we all find ourselves in at this difficult time and would appreciate your patience in bearing with us until we resume the draw as soon as possible. If you have any queries on the matter please contact Roger Sheahan on 07802836799

Thanks for your continued support

ClannÉireann Management Committee

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