The Fianna


When the Dwyers had ceased to function, about 1929, football in Tannaghmore awaited new names and a new generation for its revival. Prime movers in spasmodic attempts to revive it were Art O’Neill and Tom McKavanagh, assisted by John Murray, Charlie Ryan, and the late Bill Creaney. A club called the O’Neill’s ran for a season or two, but football was not firmly established again until late in 1931, when the Fianna was formed. Its committee consisted of Tom McKavanagh, secretary; Bill Creaney, treasurer, with C. Ryan, A. Murray, W. Dummigan, F. Leathem, J. McRoberts, D. Murtagh and P. Murray as Committee.

Na Fianna Group

The Fianna Group

A Fianna Group:

Back: C Ryan, W Dumigan, P Murray, F McKavanagh. Middle: J Haughey, J Murray, M Cochrane, W Creaney. Front Row: O McAlinden, A Murray, J Haughey, P McKavanagh.

It is interesting to note from an old Minute Book of the Fianna that at one of their first meetings “‘It was agreed to support the policy of Seamus McCann viz.,

(a) To form a Ground’s Committee from Fianna and Clan-na Gael.
(b) To buy or lease a ground convenient to Lurgan.
(c) To call a public meeting in support of the movement.”

and to reflect that only now’, with the opening of the New Field, is the ambition of fifteen years ago being realised at last.

The Fianna followed the Dwyer’s in using Mrs. Ferris’s field in Tannaghmore. There they had an “opening” day on April 10th 1932, when Clan-na-Gael played a Junior League Selection and Pearse’s played Grattans in Hurling. At this time St. Una’s Camogie team was in force, so that Tannaghmore then had three teams in action, as Hurling was also played.

Players who took part in the first Hurling matches were:- J. Kerr, O. McAlinden, A. Murray, J. P. Kearns, T. Keville, T. McKavanagh, J. Haughey, T. Haughey, P. McKavanagh, J. McCann, J. O’Neill, J. Brady, D. Murtagh, L. McVeigh, E. French, A. Hayes, D. McStea, D. Lavery, H. Kelly, and E. Ferris.

No record of football is given in their old minute books, but a team which did duty for Fianna in 1932 was G. Magee, B. Magee, W. Dummigan, Harbinson, Leathem, C. Ryan, J. Dummigan, McAlinden, Brady, D. Ryan, Barbour, Maguire, and Henderson.

The Fianna Club was the forerunner of the present Clann Eireann team rather than the successor of the Dwyers. Its formation marked a new enthusiasm for Gaelic Games, and during its day, with two teams, and with St. Una’s Camogie team, Tannaghmore knew more Gaelic activity in the “old foggy meadow” than it had ever known since 1910.