Social Media Call-Out

Do your teenagers spend far too long on their phones and tablets and seem to have lost the art of communication? Are mealtimes like feeding time at the zoo?

BBC Northern Ireland is looking for a family to help us with a pilot for TV. English etiquette guru William Hanson has come to Northern Ireland to help one family get to grips with 21st century manners.

The programme team is looking for a family who are fun and have an ability to laugh at themselves. They’ll need to be full of life and up for also teaching the expert a thing or two about how we do manners differently here. In the process they may well learn some very valuable life skills.

So we’re not talking here about which fork to use. We’re talking about knowing to put mobiles away at dinner; knowing that if someone drives past a parking space while indicating, you wait to let them reverse into it. That if someone at the bus stop says hello, you take your earphones out and chat!

If modern life sometimes feels rushed, ignorant and rude, and you want your home and family to be different, get in touch.

And if, along the way, you can help our very proper William get his head around buying rounds of drinks, or people in a bank queue telling you, in our over-familiar way, about their sister-in-law’s upcoming hip operation, then we absolutely want to hear from you!

Anyone interested, please contact Clann Eireann Youth Club

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