Pool Competition

The April pool competition reaches its second round with some of the big stars and Michael McMahon out already. New challengers rose to the occasion with some good frames then there was Marcel Murray who bored his opponent into quitting with the 2 longest frames in the history of the game.

Reigning champion Chris Magee got off to a shaky start but Joe Brady let the side down and put a Magee through. Up and coming challenger Paddy McConville took one of them out by the roots as in Mark Magee so now only 2 remain. Gerard Magee still thinks its in the bag but his poker buddies Tommy “T DOG”Henderson and & Squeezer Mc Neice will give him a run for his money Former individuals champion Michael Hendron had a solid performance taking out the “wee lad” from belfast could be one to beat.

There were also wins for Desmond Harvey who beat Liam Mcmanus. Ciaran McMahon,Kevin mcConville and Mark McCann who took out the king himself Bunnion Mc Gibbon. Who knows who will win time will tell the draw for the next round will be posted shortly.

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