Message from Martin O’Hagan

Every time I train people at Clann Eireann as a JKD Instructor or Personal Trainer the fees go to the Youth Club, this is because I want to give something back. Every time I train people at Clann Eireann the fees go back to the club and this is to give something back for all the help that has been given to me and 1000s of others over the years.

Clann Eireann Youth Club has stood as a beacon of light during the worst years of the confilct in Northern Ireland when young people from the area could not go freely around without fear of being harassed arrested or killed.

Many young people in the area still need a chance to improve their lives and the club helps them to reach their goals. Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported this work over the years especially the Youth Leaders and Committee and the unsung heros.

Have a Happy and Peaceful and Blessed Christmas.

Martin ONeill

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