The Clann Eireann GAC Fundraising Lotto draws which run on a weekly basis play a huge part in the Clubs fundraising efforts.  You can now offer your support by playing online.

Enter your lines of numbers for up to a year in one go, you need never miss a draw again!

When playing online you will receive the Lotto results and club news updates by email after each draw has taken place.

Click here to enter the Clann Eireann GAC Fundraising Lotto Draws Online. Click here to enter the Clann Eireann GAC Fundraising Lotto Draws Online.

To play the Clann Eireann GAC Lotto, any four numbers are selected from 1 to 32.
If anybody matches the four numbers selected on the night he or she wins/shares the Jackpot. Match three numbers pays £60 if only 1 winner, £30 each for 2 winners and £20 each to 3 or more winners. Tickets cost £1 each.

For further details on our Lotto, including previous Lotto Draw Results, click here.


If you prefer, why not join the Clann Eireann Lottery Membership by submitting your numbers and paying by direct debit. If you are interested CLICK HERE and download the Application Form which can then be submitted to the Lottery Committee, Clann Eireann Social Club, 53 Lake Street, Lurgan.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to be a member to play.

We encourage all of our friends and supporters to play the Clann Eireann GAC fundraising lottery.
We also hope that we can all work together to promote this lotto and help get back in touch with people from the Lurgan area, and those who may now be living throughout Ireland and overseas.

Your continued support is much appreciated and we wish you
good luck in future draws.

Best of Luck,
Clann Eireann GAC Lotto Committee,
Clann Eireann GAC, Armagh.