Last of the summer wine triumph at Portadown

At our outing in Portadown Golf Club a very unusual fact occurred. The firs three golfers drawn out had the combined age 198 years Eugene McAtamney 65 years Bobby Fay 66 years Denny McInerney (a bit sensitive about his age ) were likened to The Last of the Summer Wine Trio by Paul Lavery.

Hearing, listening out for that word Fore as the ball whistles over your head. Eye Sight, were your ball went, and Memory, how many you hit at each hole. Players a very important part in golf. Some of our younger members can have the odd lapse of memory when adding their score.

The Last of Summer Wine trio (FOGGY aka BOBBY, hearing not great) CLEGG aka EUGENE memory going fast, DENNY aka COMPO eye sight gone (claims he can’t find a pair of glasses to match his personality) came up with a novel way to keep score.  At the start of each hole they each had 7 wine gums when they hit a ball one wine gum was eaten at the end of the hole what was left subtracted from 7. BINGO correct score. A bit of advice if you want to use this method, it is not advisable to drive home after your game. As we all know Compo claims to hit a very long drive on one of these drives he asked Foggy and Clegg had they seen it’ down the fairway he asked Foggy were it was he claimed he had no idea what he was on about, when he approached Clegg he said he could not remember were it was.

Now for the important part of the day the final scores in 6th place Tommy Henderson 5th place Paul Lavery, 4th place Compo McInerney, 3rd place Micky McMahon 2nd place Martin McNiece and in first place the hero of the Summer Wine Trio FOGGY FAY with 37 points  which could have been more but on the last hole he ran out of WINE GUMS.

How is the time to study form of the professional player as we will be running the US OPEN GOLF CHALLENGE  FROM 13TH JUNE -16JUNE so plenty of time to have your 6 players selected. Next outing Armagh 26th MAY

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