Dungannon Golf Outing

The penultimate outing of the season was played in the sunshine at Dungannon, the players who top the player of the year (POTY) were keen to return a good score to stay in contention.

Dessie Harvey was placed 6th ruling him out, 5th place went to Kevie Leathem on the dog leg 285 yard 15th he drove the ball onto the green, the four ball on the green were surprised to see the ball run between them . The little demons in the minds of two of the players sprung into life his ball was marked and then dropped into the hole. As kevie came over the hill looking for his ball he eventually walked onto the green, on seeing his ball in the hole the arms went up and a victory dance began, on looking round an seeing the other four ball rolling about laughing he knew he had been stitched up when he got his breath back the four ball were warned his revenge would be merciless.

In 4th place was Dermuid Mitchell but alas not enough to keep him in POTY . 3rd place went to Micky McMahon with 34pts this places micky in joint second place in POTY with Ian Mulholland who captured 2nd place with 34pts. In first place and leading POTY was Conor McConville with 39pts, Conor played a steady round of golf on sunday and must be favourite for POTY as pressure does not seem to affect him. Not so Ian and Micky who have a reputation of cracking on the final day Denny one of veteran members has a reputation of getting lost and having no sense of direction.

True to form he ignored all directions saying he knew a short cut around Dungannon he had used thirty years ago. As we all know things have changed in thirty years with the invention of the mini roundabout after encountering two of these he was completely lost and on his way to Pomeroy Twenty minutes of reversing out of one way streets turning in country roads and driving past the golf club twice he finaly arrived just in time to tee off. On our next outing to Armagh Golf Club on Sunday 16th September he won’t be doing the driving

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