Club Brick

Tommy Coleman and Francie Tallon

Tommy Coleman and Francie Tallon

To all at Clann Eireann, to friends of Clann Eireann, in fact to all who have ever in the past or would like to in the future be involved in supporting Clann Eireann. We believe Clann Eireann is an important place. All of us, as well as those who have gone before us, have all contributed in building and supporting this club. For many years our club has been and continues to be central to our local community.

  • We provide a Social Club where our senior members and friends can socialize together.
  • We provide organized and supervised games and recreational activities for our youth in our Youth Club and on our playing fields.
  • We strive to encourage and develop our children’s natural ability, be they sporting, cultural or simply recreational.
  • We work hand in hand with all our local community groups and have recently embarked on a program with young people in our community in trying to resolve problems they face with drug and alcohol abuse.
  • We exist to provide for our community and in particular the children within our community. We also feel we owe it to future generations to provide for them as well. To support this cause we are embarking on a project aimed not only at securing the future existence of our club but at its development as well.

Club BrickTo do this we are selling a marble plaque which, if purchased, will be displayed as a permanent fixture on the walls of our Social Club. Our project is open to all. There are those among us and some sadly no longer with us whose names are synonymous with Clann Eireann and who should never be forgotten. All our past and present members, our friends and fellow Gaels, who have supported us in the past and whose help we are eternally grateful for, have an opportunity to ensure the support they provided will be forever remembered. We also look to new friends as well whose support we will also be greatly appreciative of.

This is an opportunity to provide a fitting tribute to all who have supported our club, both past and present, by displaying their names on plaques throughout our premises for all future generations to view. This new project has already created much interest within the club and the organisers are keen to start the project before the end of November.

The plaque will show your name and/or the names of others within your family. You also have the option of placing a small symbol on your plaque to show the section of the club you represented or that is closest to your heart ,however, if you prefer you may not include any symbol. A list of sections of the club which the symbols are available for is included below:

Football / Boxing / Handball / Youth Club / Drama / Camogie / Jeet Kune Do / Music / Committee Members / Scor representatives / Darts / Snooker/Pool / Social Club

If you decide to take part in this new project you will ensure that your name or the names you choose will be forever remembered within our club. Full details are available from the club or from a member of the committee. ( see numbers provided below) .
The contact number at the youth club is 02838323080 and Roisin McCarron will also have full details of the project. Each plaque will cost £180.00 and although a direct debit of £10.00 per month for 18 months is the preferred payment option other payment methods can be found to suit the individual.


Mark Mc Cann – 07851087656
Tommy Coleman -07999768185
Kevin O Loan – 07766837844
Martin Mc Neice – 07809563555

• You may download a direct debit form below and leave details into Roisin Mc Carron in our Youth Club – Monday – Thursday 10am til 4pm.

Download ‘Club Brick’ Direct Debit Form