Clann Eireann Jeet Kune Do

About our Martial Arts Classes at Clann Eireann:

At the Jeet Kune Do group, we are a not for profit. We train people who want to learn a modern real world martial art. The curriculum contains a complete education in the martial arts so you can choose your own direction in the art when you have the basics down, this usually takes a couple of years. Other Classes include Boxing, Kali – Filipino Martial Arts and Jiujitsu. Regular classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.00pm and Saturday mornings. Private lessons are by appointment.

Our atmosphere is casual. The uniform is: sweats, athletic shoes and a JKD t-shirt. Instructors are accessible for questions and advice and are called by their first name. We encourage potential students to take advantage of our introductory class.

After you try our classes and want to sign up, we offer the best rates and tuition packages around. Our tuition and fee schedule is great value for money.

We offer you the flexibility of both daily and monthly rates and we don’t have a contract. The club is not for profit and all fees are invested back into the activities and members.

A great way to get in shape: JKD has always provided a cross training “total body workout” for practitioners. The physical techniques and training methods provide strength and flexibility, toning benefits and create a challenging cardio workout.

A fun atmosphere and experience: We believe that if people are having fun they learn much faster and will stick with it longer. We have moved away from the formal and ritualistic environment of the traditional school while maintaining a culture of discipline and respect. Laughter and humour is used frequently and encouraged. Our students appreciate the casual attire and friendly atmosphere of our school.

Stress Relief: The stress relieving benefits of exercise have been widely accepted. … troubles and worries seem a million miles away.

What we teach can save your life: Everything we teach is reality-based. The arts we teach have direct and immediate self defence benefits.

Enhance your life: Our JKD programme has enhanced the lives of hundreds of students over the years. Increased confidence, sense of personal safety, success at home and at work, self esteem and fitness are just a few of the benefits to our training.

Excellent, professional instruction: All instructors at the JKD group are handpicked, coached and developed by Martin ONeill and are in a direct lineage to Taky Kimura his son Andy Kimura and to Bruce Lee. We have a number of world class Instructors who visit the club and teach their arts. These include Alain de Preter, Rick Young, Josie Murray and Royce Gracie.

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