Clann Eireann 21 Bust

Scores and Selections

Scores after Week Eight & Picks for Week Nine

Based on the 92 English League Clubs(Premier League, the Championship, League One & League Two), Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and Scottish Premier League. Where needed, we shall also use Portuguese Liga, French Ligue One, or Dutch Eredivisie.

Starts Weekend commencing Friday 2nd October 2015.

Each weekend, you will be allocated one team at random, everyone will have their own individual team.

A new team will be drawn out for everybody each week.

However many goals that team scores, that’s your score for that week.

Over the weeks, the aim of the game is the first person to accumulate exactly 21 Goals at the end of any given week.

Entry fee is £10.  First person to hit exactly 21 wins £500(or a share, if there’s more than one winner).

If an entrant busts, i.e. if they are sitting on 19 and their team scores 4 goals in a given week, THEY ARE OUT! This is the only way to be eliminated from the game.

The person/people with the lowest score when the game is won will receive the Consolation Prize of £120(or a share).

We shall text everybody updates weekly and everyone’s randomly picked team will be able to be seen on the Club’s website and Facebook page each week, as well as leaderboards.



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