Armagh Golf Outing

Sunday was our last outing of the season at Armagh Golf Club with six players in contention for Player of the Year. There was controversy before the start two members broke our 39 year old tradition by playing a practice round on the previous Monday affecting the eventual outcome. After 6 holes it was clear that Conor McConville, Bobby Fay and Tommy Henderson had blew their chances of glory. Conor claiming fatigue and stress. Tommy mind was on other matters (are the fish rising) Bobby claimed that the ball just would not go where he sent it.

Micky McMahon played well for the first twelve holes accumulating 27 points. Disaster struck at the 13th the little sweetie mice in his head started running and his decision making went with them. He should have known that you cannot play out of a concrete sewage channel (DING) 14th Hole he should have known you cannot stand in a reed bed and have balance to hit the ball out of the water (DING) 14th Hole all those tree just happened to have been planted in the wrong place 60 years ago (DING) 18th Hole there was no way the people in their half million pound houses would let him play out of their manicured gardens (DING) final score 29pts his hold on retaining his hold on player of the year vanished.

Steven Heaney returned a respectable score of 34 pts but was not enough to catch the leader leaving him in second place.

Ian Mulholland returned 36 points giving him victory in Player of the Year for the second time in four years. His practice round on Monday was crucial to his victory plus the controversial advice he give other players was shall we say was not very helpful, but the key to his success was the golf he played all year. Congratulations to Ian (THE BIG EASY) from all our golf society members

Anyone interested in joining the society our first outing of the new season will be just after Christmas.


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